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The backlinks topic came up today and I just want to touch on the equality and technicality of backlinks for a few minutes.

So a backlink is when a link to your website is on another website. So let’s say someone writes a blog about health and then links your health store. That is a backlink. (right here a health and supplement store is linked under the word health store and my mind and body site under health- 2 backlinks right there)

Now, most of us would agree that even though these backlinks for mental and physical health are here, they would be more effective on a site where people are looking for information about health and not backlinks.


These backlinks show google and other search engines that your site is being talked about on the internet anyway and this may make your site appear better to the search engines. Most people with an online businessonline business want backlinks with hopes that these backlinks will cause search engines to show their website more often.

So.. How do you get backlinks?

For starters, you can take the easy way and buy backlinks. When you do this, a link to your websitewebsite will most likely just be placed randomly on the internet on different websites. This does not mean that these links will be put in places where someone will actually see them and click on them and come to your website. It just means that it is a way to trick google and other search engines into thinking that you have a popular website and people are talking about it and in turn potentially show your site more often.

Sometimes the links are placed randomly as mentioned above and sometimes they can be linked to various articles around the web but these articles can sometimes be relevant or not relevant to your business or what you are selling and you’re added for the sole purpose of “tricking the search engine” again. (see how my baking site is linked in the word selling but this is not an article relevant to baking)

*Take note that the link can be hidden like it is in the word selling or not hidden showing the entire link. In the case above it would look very stupid if the link for a baking site was not hidden in an article about backlinks.

Another way is creating your own backlinks if you have more than 1 website. All you need to do is write a blog and link your other site and/or product, which creates a backlink. In this case, you would actually write an article relevant to your online business, store, products, or service and link to your other site or a specific page. Example: you write an article about cleaning and then link a sponge. Now you have a backlink to your sponge in an article about cleaning. This makes a little more sense to me because the person reading the article is already showing interest in the topic and possibly the product.

Okay, let’s move on.

Another way is to get other people to write about you and link your site. You can pay people to do this or if your site and content are interesting and good enough to people they will do this anyway. For example, I will write a blog and link a relevant Forbes article for readers to get more information about the topic. I have now given Forbes a backlink. (see how Forbes is blue and linked) Now, how cool would it be in Forbes wrote an article about me and gave me a backlink? Very cool. Because in this case, Forbes has many readers who are now potentially clicking the link to my site and giving me traffic and hopefully sales. This way is probably the most effective kind of backlink but may not be easy to get.

So going forward. Besides backlinks, referring URLs are the website that has linked you. In the example above I am the referring URL for Forbes. The more referring URLs you have, the more backlinks you have. But having more than 1 referring URL is better because it shows it is not just 1 site referring to your website and giving the backlink but many. Obviously the better the referring URL, the better the traffic, and the better the backlink. So backlinks are not equal in my opinion.

With that being said, referring URLs are also not equal. If a website is very popular and has a lot of traffic and is specifically for your niche this is a better referring URL for your business. Let’s say you are a plastic surgeon for breast implants and Victoria’s Secret links your business in an article saying you are wonderful. There is a good chance that many women will now trust that you are a good surgeon for breast implants and in return will click and explore and buy. (here is a backlink for Victoria’s Secret, see again how it is blue and you can go directly to their site) Need a new bra? Here the word Bra is linked to a specific bra which created another backlink. Hope you get the point.


So, How do you get more referring URL’s and quality backlinks? Provide good content that people relate to and want to share. It may not happen instantly but with time you might be amazed at how many people find your content good enough to link. For instance, when I find a really great article about how to get sales, I will link that for my readers. So if you share a great and original article or story about something then someone with a relevant website may want to share it on their own blog and link it for their viewers to read in return giving you the backlink.

I want to also point out that there is no shame in asking someone to link you if you feel confident about the information you are providing. The worst is they can say no.

And once you link someone else many times you can always reach out to them and ask them to return the favor. If you bring them enough traffic through your own articles it will be in their best interest to return the favor… If not, you can stop linking them and find someone else who will link you back. In most cases, I think they will be glad to add a few links for you.

Another way to create backlinks is to create an affiliate program. When you have an affiliate program and gain affiliates many of them will blog about something relevant and link the products they want to sell and in return, you get your backlinks. So if you have 1,000 affiliates and each one links a product in 1 blog, you now have 1,000 backlinks. (see below how I did not hide this link inside of a word) By the way, join our 100% Free Affiliate Program . We would love to have you.

I hope this makes sense to everyone reading and you see the difference between relevant backlinks compared to not relevant. Meaning that most of you are here to learn about backlinks and are not interested in my baking site or victorias secret but are potentially interested in the get more sales link or the links below to buy backlinks making those better effective.

You can combine all the things talked about above.

*Take note on how many backlinks are in this 1 small article.

Okay so before I go, I want to just point out that external links like those talked about above are different than internal links which are also needed to enhance SEO.  We will talk about this another day.

And if you want to go blog for blog with me, contact me and we can see if it can work out.

These are not expensive things and can be beneficial to the well-being of your website and business.

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Hope this article helped.

Veronica Baljak

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