Choosing and Customizing your new Custom Alidropship Store

What choices and customization options do you have when buying a new custom Alidropship Store? (coupons at bottom)

So after doing this 9 times, I really got the hang of it so I’ll share some tips with you!

There are 3 Package Options: 

-Basic  $299
-Advanced $499
-Ultimate $899

The main difference between these Alidropship Custom Store Packages is the number of products imported for you by the Alidropship team, the amount of social media pages created and connected to the website footer for you, the amount of SEO done for you, and what promo videos and tools are included in your store creation.

Adding Sellvia:

You also have the option to add Sellvia to your package which gives you a fast ship out of 1-3 days from a U.S. Warehouse with nice packaging but it is only for selling and shipping inside the U.S. This can be combined if an Alidropship store is made 1st and not the opposite.

*There is a monthly or yearly cost associated with Sellvia compared to Alidropship where you only pay yearly website hosting which is $48 a year for 1 store and for your domain.

Okay, so you decided on which custom store package you want to buy and if you are adding Sellvia to it right away. Now what?

You need to start customizing and making decisions; that’s the entire point of a custom store. You don’t want your store to look like every other drop shipping store and of course, you want to absolutely love it and be proud of it when finished so you feel good about showing it off and promoting it.

Let’s touch on 15 things you can do and choose while customizing your new Alidropship Store!

1) Niche

You will need to pick what kind of store you want to have. You can do niche research or you can go with something you’re passionate and knowledgeable about or some people even chose a complete reverse approach and chose something they know nothing about. This is a personal preference. What my team and I went with were things we love and are passionate about because they made the most sense to us.


2)Target country

You will need to pick a target country. Even though you can sell and ship almost anywhere in the world you will need to find a supplier that preferably ships free to your target country to ensure your shipping costs don’t exceed your profit.

*If you can find suppliers that are in your target country on Aliexpress that is probably a good idea to cut down shipping time and cost. Ex: If Germany is your target country, search for German suppliers who have the products you want.

3) Store Name and Domain Name

Now that you have decided on your niche it’s a good time to choose a store and domain name. There will be free options for the domain name or you can pay if you want something different. The price range varies depending on the name you want.

*Tip: Since you know which country you are going to target, to avoid potential problems, it’s smart to check for any trademarks in that country for the store name you want before you lock into it.

4) Appearance:

Everyone likes good-looking websites and it is a big factor when someone decides if they are going to stay and look around to see what you have or leave.

Here are some ways you can work with your manager to customize the appearance of your new website:

Picking the Theme:
Picking a theme you like and think navigates nicely is a big decision. Luckily when buying an Alidropship Custom Store there are a lot of theme options available for original or woo. (some are included in the price and some have an extra cost)

Inspecting each theme ahead of time and looking at the style, features, and product pages is recommended since once the theme is chosen it can not be changed, without an additional cost. You should discuss all the options with your manager before making the decision.

*I recommend using woo themes because they are more flexible and have more options available for you once you are all set up.

*The Digital Planet, Love & Healing, and Fairy Magic sites are Smart Themes. The Baking Magic and Pet Store are the Da Vinci Theme. The Body & Mind, Baby, and Style sites are the El Greco Theme. Feel free to look around to see how they look on your desktop and phone. All sites are woo.

Picking the Slider Images and displayed Category Images:
It is common to have 3 slider images and 0-3 displayed category images on the website home page. This can vary depending on the theme you choose.

You can choose these images on photo sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, or iStock or let the alidropship team choose your images, or supply your own professional photos.

*Keep in mind when choosing images that the image quality and size are important.

If you pick your own, supply the links for the images to your manager and they will put the pictures on your site for you. And If you’re really nice to your manager they may let you change the images you chose one time in case you don’t like the way the images look.

Picking the Slider Text and Buttons:
Once you choose the slider images you need to think about what kind of text slogan you want on the sliders and buttons, as well as where you would like the buttons to lead the customer when clicked and what color the button is. A button can bring someone to a specific category like best sellers, new arrivals, all products, or whatever category you choose. I personally like them hooked up to all products, shop all, especially if the store doesn’t have a very large amount of products, but that’s me. Everyone has the right to choose what they like best.

*I get custom-coded clear buttons for any website themes that have the option because I don’t like the colored buttons covering or taking away from the slider images and it’s cheap and makes a big difference to me.

Choosing the Logo Design and Site Colors:
For someone like me color coordinating is a huge thing; I like everything to match! The header, footer, category boxes, review stars, and sales badges can all be any colors you choose as well as the logo. You will need to tell your manager exactly what colors you want and where. For the logo design, you can supply them with your own or Alidropship can supply one for you.

Reviews, Sales Badges, and Price Color:
The star product rating and the sales badge color can be chosen by you, sometimes even the color of the price. Besides that, if you want you can remove sales badges and/or reviews (with some themes you can remove the text reviews and leave the stars-talk to your manager if you want that) and you can choose if you want the reviews translated to English, Русский, Português, Español, Bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, Italiano, français, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, Arabic or to stay mixed in the original language the reviews were posted on Aliexpress to the supplier’s site by their customers. I remove all sales badges and put the Pinterest badge so customers can Pin the products they like in a second!

*If you leave the reviews on your website it’s a good idea to check each review and make sure they look good and edit them if needed. Always make sure no reviews are doubled which can lead a customer to believe they are fake.

5) Products!!!

You have 3 options on how to get your products:

1) To let Alidropship pick the products for you according to your niche.

2) To pick all of the products yourself (Fun but time-consuming)

3) You pick some of the products and they pick some of them.

(I think you are allowed to change out 10% of them if you don’t like their product choices)

I like picking my own; I’m picky!

If picking your own, here are some tips:

-Use the Ali Tools App. to check if the suppliers and products have a good rating. (Using older suppliers with good ratings and good reviews that don’t raise prices too often is a good idea)
-Using only 1 supplier per site is ideal but if you have to go with more you shouldn’t exceed 3. (Remember that if the customer orders 3 items from 3 different suppliers they will get 3 separate packages)
-Try to find suppliers who have free shipping to your target country or worldwide free shipping.

-Don’t use products that have huge watermarks over the photos because the cover-up of the watermark will be obvious.

*Once all your products are added be sure to check each product individually for any problems. If you find problems, save the link and show your manager.

Also remember that after your store is complete you can import as many products as you’d like, at any time, but you will also be responsible to edit the product descriptions and product pages, and photos on your own.

6) Categories:

You can pick any categories you want for your products or the categories can be chosen for you by your alidropship manager. I’ve done it in all kinds of ways but I think choosing your own and keeping it simple is better so it’s cleaner and easier for people especially if you don’t have many products. They will recommend adding best sellers and new arrivals which is nice because it gives some extra stuff to be displayed on the home page.

*You can also choose which categories you want to be displayed on the homepage (and the images as talked about before).

* Another note: Check to make sure the products are in the correct categories.

7) About us Information:

This will be written for you unless you write it yourself and supply it to your manager. I think writing it yourself and supplying the image or color you want in the back is a good idea. It is a  custom store!

*The About Us section on your website, google, and all social media pages should be the same as well as any other information listed about your company. (Phone number, address, email address, etc.) It is called transparency and it is important because it makes search engines and social media platforms trust your business more than if the information does not match.

8) Return Policy:

This is another thing to consider. You will be given the standard return policy unless you tell them otherwise. Think about what kind of return policy you would like and talk to your manager about it. I kept the return policy but hid it a bit more so it was not displayed all over the site which to me was practically asking someone to return something or putting the idea in their head that they will want to. This is up to each store owner to decide how they think the return policy should be and how it should be displayed.

*Make sure you do have the return policy visible enough so you do not run into problems if you decide to pull your products into a Pinterest shop or similar (I had an issue where they said it was not visible enough)

9) Blog:

Get 1 blog article ready and have them set up your blog for you. You will have to add the actual article yourself when the store is done but you can ask your manager to have the blog page set and made visible on your home page and in the category dropdown list.

*Blogs are extremely important and realize that you are reading one right now! (Thank you, It’s nice that we are helping each other already!) Blogs are needed to bring more traffic to your site which increases your SEO (Search engine optimization) so you rank higher on google and other search engines. Because of this your site is shown more often because it shows how many people come and like to spend time on it.

10) SEO Article Displayed:

If the theme you chose allows an SEO article you have the option to supply your manager with one and they will set it up for you on your page. If you do not know how to write one it is a good idea to pay an SEO Professional to write it for you. This is an important thing for SEO, hence the name.

*Talk to your manger about what themes have the option to apply an SEO article.

11) Payment Gateways:

You also have options when it comes to how you want your customers to pay you.  Pay Pal or Stripe are common payment gateways in combination where you have both. I have only Stripe.

*The more sales and money that goes through your account the faster your money will start to clear. I don’t know specifics on this.


During store creation, you will need to choose what kind of email you want your website to have. You can choose one of the mail service options available or email connected with Cpanel.

* The mail services are free to start but if you exceed a certain amount of emails you will need to upgrade your plan whereas with Cpanel it is yours and unlimited but there is a chance that your emails will end up in a customer’s spam folder. I use an email with Cpanel.

13) Currency:
You have the option to choose if you want the currency amount to show in dollars or as many different worldwide currencies as possible. If you chose as many as possible the currency will automatically be displayed for the viewer in the currency of the country where the viewer physically is while viewing; this can be changed by the viewer in a drop-down menu. Of course, I always chose as many as possible.


14) Pricing:
Alidropship has its pricing formula which they use for the sites they make. You can add to their formula if you wish.

Ex: +5 to the formula will add $5 to every product.

*It is best to use a formula and not individually price your products because when the supplier changes the price it will automatically change the price for you when you update.

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