Competing in the e-commerce race?

*While reading this please keep in mind that there is enough room for all online businesses in this digital planet that we currently live in! Coupons at bottom.

Are you doing everything needed to max out your e-commerce sales with your online business? If you’re not sure, take a look below and see if you are using all of these e-commerce strategies to reach your financial goals.

You can’t just buy an online store or start an online business and expect sales and clients to come speeding in; it’s like sitting in a parked car and expecting to go somewhere! There are so many ways to increase your traffic and sales for free or paid and it’s in your best interest to learn and work on each to reach your maximum business potential. Here are some top tips to scale your business efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the first step you should take to increase long-term traffic and sales. You need this as much as you need a car GPS when going on a new adventure. Your business should be showing up as frequently as possible on search engines and working on inner and outer SEO is the way to get yourself at the start line and be in the best position possible on your search engine ranking.

Although it can take a long time to get it done correctly, it’s not that hard. Just make sure your website isn’t lagging and has optimized speed and images, use common sense while making good meta and product descriptions using keywords, write blogs with good content focusing on what people need and want to hear, build up backlinks with other reputable businesses, and keep active on social media pulling the traffic towards your site. The more you are viewed, the more you will show.

Google Tools

Using google is another great way to get unlimited amounts of leads for your online business, bringing you closer to the finish line. You should be using Google Business, Google Shopping, Google Merchant, Google Ads, Google Maps, Google +, and Google in every way possible. Transparency is a key factor when signing up your business with various google sales programs and google tools available. Make sure your google business info matches 100% on your website, and all social media accounts. Matching phone number, address, email address, about us info, etc. Is a must-do! If you do this, google will trust you and be more entailed to show your site to potential customers. Keeping up with consistently posting on google, Launching Google ads, and using the Google Merchant plugin are also obvious solutions to getting your online business the traffic and sales it needs and puts you a mile ahead of the rest. Face it, almost everyone uses google and there might not be any other search engine that’s better for your business to show up on.

Product Descriptions Optimized

Going forward, Have you tested out how your site functions and how it navigates? Your website probably runs but how smooth is the ride? Sometimes you have to change the oil and filters even if you have the fanciest and best car around. Try these ways to make the experience better for your viewers:
-Check and improve all your reviews. You don’t want anything that loses a customer’s trust.
– Make sure all product pages and product descriptions are optimized; Use detailed and easy-to-see photos, videos, and text that appeal to any customer, and don’t only think about the SEO aspect but about the real human behind the screen viewing.
-Winning the race is the entire point so work on your website speed. Make sure you are not left behind because no one wants to wait around for a slow site, they will move to the next seller without hesitation and buy what they want there because it’s faster.

So, we have talked about the “undercarriage” work, now what’s the wow factor and how do you grab the attention of any customer? Just like when you get a new paint job and wax on a hot car, if they already like the model and color and it looks shiny, they are bound to look. Target the correct audience! You have the capability to use social media to target the exact audience that loves what your business has to offer, so find them! Use influencers and paid ads to target these people on any social media platform! You can get so deep that once you become an expert there is no way you can not win the race.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Understanding the different types of audience types when running ad campaigns is also useful. You have cold, warm, and hot audiences. A cold audience is a completely new set of people who know nothing about your online business and what you offer; this is the hardest audience to hit and takes the most amount of time. A warm audience is already familiar with either your company, services, or products but has yet to be convinced into purchasing or subscribing. A hot audience is the best to hit and they have already shown full-blown interest in purchasing by subscribing or already being a real customer. Once you have a hot audience, that’s the way to go to reach your sales goals the fastest. There are many ways to engage all these audiences further and you can play around with them to see what works best for your business model.

Just a quick reminder: There is nothing wrong with turbocharging a car or your sales! To further generate more leads and sales try offering coupons, making offers people can not resist like promotional bundle sale packages, running contests, offering a giveaway, and using the power of email marketing campaigns to send follow-up emails to buyers to lock in those sales.

These tips work for any type of e-commerce business, including but not limited to dropshipping stores, web services, affiliate sites, etc.

Follow these suggestions and it might just be possible for you to get ahead of the rest and win the e-commerce race.

Aloha and good luck with your e-commerce journey. We can all reach our goals and reach financial freedom if that’s what we really want.

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