Optimizing content for voice searches and Google snippet features?

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Do you need to optimize your content for voice searches and to be in featured Google snippets?

Considering many people use voice searches and trust Google to show them the most relevant content at the top of the page, the answer is yes, you should optimize your content for voice searches and Google snippets.

What is a featured Google snippet?

A featured Google snippet is the first thing you see at the top of the page when you search for something on Google. This placement is called position #0 and is chosen by Google.

Although it may be hard to get there, it is not impossible.

How do you optimize content for voice searches?

Step #1) Make your website https if it is not already.

Step #2) Make sure your website speed for desktop and mobile is under 5 seconds.

Step #3) Make answer snippets inside your blog about 30 words.

Step #4) Write simple content that is easy to read. (9th grade level at most)

Step #5) Make the article word count over 2,000.

Step #6) Ask several questions and give the answers throughout the 1 page using the steps from above.

Step #7) Use the FAQ page. (google seems to like this page for voice answers)

Step #8) Make it to position #0 on google at least once.

What are some ways to improve your chances of being featured in a Google snippet?

Step #1) Ask a question and respond with a 40-60 word answer that is not opinionated.

Step #2) Present data in tables preferably that look like snippets.

Step #3) Use lists and be consistent with the way you present them. Example: Step #1, Step #2, and not Step #1 and Step 2 with no # sign.

Step #4) Wrap each step in an H2 tag.

Step #5) Optimize definition content. Put the 40-60 word definition right under the question.

Step #5) Look at Google Queries (“people also ask”) and load up your content with even more similar questions and answers.


We must have good and easy-to-read content, start adding as many relevant definitions as possible, use ordered lists, and formulate content to be appealing to readers and google to rank higher and get on the 1st page of google, if we want to make it to voice searches and featured snippets being in position #0. That doesn’t sound too hard!

Extra Tips:

-Consistently use the above steps.

-Think of key phrases you would ask your phone and use them. Ex: Where is the best place to buy videos for Tik Tok?

-Make sure your grammar is on point and all words are pronounced correctly using a natural writing flow showing you are fluent in the language it is written, or hire an expert.

*Note that ranking high for keywords and appearing on the 1st page of Google will give you a better chance of showing up in a Google Voice Search or Google Snippet.


I believe that if this is a goal that any one of us has we can reach it with consistency. No goals are too big unless you think they are.

If I ever make it to position #0 I will be sure to share it with you guys in my FB group!

Thanks for reading and I hope this blog gave you the information you were looking for.

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And yes, some links in this blog are affiliate links but I only link what I recommend and trust!

Veronica Baljak

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