Drop Servicing vs Affiliate Servicing

Why Drop Servicing and Affiliate Servicing are becoming the new big thing and how to market them for free on social media.

With so many new e-commerce businesses opening every day, the need for web services is steadily increasing. Finding a good and reliable service provider with a reasonable price and either selling the service for a commission or adding on top of the price for yourself can very well make you a fast fortune with little to no risk.

The difference between Drop Servicing and Affiliate Servicing is pretty large. With Drop Servicing the seller owns their website and gears the entire site towards the services provided by 1 or more other reliable companies, just adding onto the price. Affiliate servicing on the other hand is where the seller has a special link that is tracked for any customer who visits the service provider’s website, not their own, and if a service purchase is made within 30 days, it is traced back to the affiliate sellers link using cookies and commission is made.

Pros to Affiliate Servicing are that it has no cost to the 2nd seller providing the services whereas the seller Drop servicing has the start-up cost of the actual website, yearly fees, and liability. In this case, a certain % of the service price is given per sale and the commission is known upfront. There is a log-in where the traffic and sales conversions can be tracked.

Pros to drop servicing compared to affiliate servicing are that when drop servicing the site can be customized and presented to different audiences in a particular way. The price for the services is also adjusted freely. Another big pro is that all the traffic goes to this site instead of the main provider making it a better asset and worth more if sold and giving the option to switch service providers at any time. Likewise, if the provider is a mom-and-pop type company and can’t handle all the work brought in or do it promptly there is an option to outsource elsewhere ensuring customers are kept happy and coming back.

Now that you get the idea and understand the differences you are probably wondering how to market these services without the high cost. Well, you market them the same way you market any other business these days; On social media!

Social media is filled with more and more e-commerce business owners and the demand for services is rising every day. FB groups give you the chance to find and reach millions of small business owners looking to expand and increase their business and just joining and posting in public groups gives you the chance to reach many people in a short amount of time. Luckily if you are affiliate servicing or drop servicing you have exactly what they need.

Common things sold on these types of websites are SEO (search engine optimization), custom website work or build, email marketing campaigns and setup, automatic posting for social media, promotional videos for social media, dropshipping or affiliate websites, brand development, website security services, copywriting and much more.

The endless options and possibilities of making money with e-commerce these days are wonderful for anyone looking to achieve financial freedom and break the 9-5 work schedule.

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Veronica Baljak

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