Dropshipping a Brand

Why you should Drop Ship a Brand in 2022 and how to use Tik Tok to Boost Brand Awareness.

In this article, we will teach you what exactly a drop shipping brand is, how to start one, how to create winning promotional content for Tik Tok, and what kind of audience to go after to reach your goal of financial freedom with your new dropshipping brand business.

Most people think that starting a Brand takes a lot more money, time, and effort than it does. Just because you want to be a Brand Owner does not mean that you need a physical store address or that you need large or any amounts of inventory at all. With the e-commerce world going wild after covid, many people have turned to dropshipping as a source of extra or main income giving them the ability to safely work from home without being at risk; But the ones who have walked the extra mile to create and establish a good, reliable, interesting dropshipping brand are the ones who are succeeding.

Dropshipping a Brand, even though it may be unusual, is a brilliant idea, and here are the ways to bring your brand idea to life and how to market it on Social Media.

The start-up cost of a dropshipping brand is much smaller than starting an actual brand where you need a storefront and inventory. Dropshipping, the items of choice, allows you to never have to buy anything until someone else buys it from you first.

Finding a web developer that focuses on custom dropshipping stores, who uses top-notch local suppliers, and who will work with you on the brand idea, niche research, product choice, social media promotional videos, and needed content as well the main vision and message you need to bring your brand to life is the first step. This leaves you in a perfect position to have a high-class Brand that no one even knows is drop shipped and you can feel secure about knowing the packages and products are top quality keeping your customers coming back for more.

With Tik Tok being one of the top social media platforms in 2022 it is probably one of the best places to advertise and build up the audience for your dropshipping brand at a fast pace for little to no cost. Some ways you can do this are Creating Content for Tik Tok that is Guaranteed to Go Viral, Making Irresistible Offers that People Can’t Refuse, and Using Retargeting Ads to get better Conversion Rates.

If you are not using a professional to make promotional videos and ads for you, here are some tips on how to use and make high-quality, engaging media that works to build up a solid following and get the sales you need to reach your financial goals for your brand.

When creating content for Tik Tok remember that people have painfully short attention spans so keep the videos between 10-30 seconds long. Realize that you have 3 seconds to grab someone’s initial attention, so make it count! Your hook must always spark curiosity making your audience want to see what happens next and always provide value, whether that be teaching them something related to your brand and/or products or just making the video humorous. Always end the video with a call-to-action, on what to do next, to follow for more tips, to purchase today from our website, or even just a feel-good message for the day that makes them want to come back for more.

Creating urgency to give people a reason to click “buy now” today and not later is also a very common practice in today’s e-commerce sales techniques. We find the best way to do this is by offering a limited-time discount for a certain amount of hours along with offering a bundle package deal where the customer gets a certain amount of products for a good price if they buy immediately and not later; a promo package bundle.

Now that you know what kind of content you should be using, let’s talk about audiences. When running a social media campaign have in mind that you have 3 audiences to choose from; a cold audience, a warm audience, and a hot audience. Choosing an Audience that Will Never Turn Down Your Deal is the way to go!

Here is a small explanation of the different types of audiences for e-commerce marketing. A cold audience knows nothing about you or your product and it is always the hardest to convince a cold audience to buy your product. A warm audience is a group of people who are already familiar with your product but need some type of reassurance or incentive to pull the trigger. And a hot audience is the group of people who have already subscribed to your social media page, email marketing set up, supplied you with their contact information, purchased a product or products and you know are most definitely interested in seeing more. This audience is most likely to buy or buy again and you should be targeting them as soon as you have them.

Dropshipping a brand in conjunction with putting the right content on Tik Tok and hitting the correct audience you can very well have yourself a multi-million dollar brand in a short amount of time.

Veronica Baljak

Natural Originals Digital Planet

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