Getting the most out of Tik Tok in 2022?

Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of your Tik Tok experience and use the Tik Tok features to expand your brand or small business.

1) Use the Creative Center on Tik Tok to jump on Trends.

Make it part of your morning routine to check the trends on the Tik Tok Creative Center and decide if you want to jump on or not. It’s completely Free and easy!

You can see:
-Trending Hashtags
-Trending Music
-Videos that you can sort by likes and shares

*And it can be sorted by industry

It’s great that you can see can sort the trends by industry so you can see how well certain things are working for people in the same type of business as you.

Not that you have to join the trend, but if you want to, it’s best to do it right away before it peaks and the market is saturated.

Try it, you may be amazed at the results.

2) Use the free Tik Tok Small Business Resource Center 

The Tik Tok Small Business Resource Center is a place filled with resources for any small business owners trying to get ahead using Tik Tok. If you are not already using this you should probably start and take advantage of the available help.

You can find:

-Tik Tok success stories from brands and Small Businesses who have had real success using the platform.
-Detailed case studies on how they have reached their success so you can see and follow what they did if you want.
-Tons of Blog articles to help you with your Tik Tok Journey
-Creative tools for ads like Video Templates and Smart Video Soundtracks

3) Optimize your Display Name

If you want to sell in a specific area state the location in the actual display name. Use this along with location hashtags so anyone searching for something in that area will find you.

Ex: “Las Vegas Electronics” #LasVegas #LosVegasElectronics

Now anyone searching for electronics in Las Vegas is more likely to find you.

4) Keep Tik Tok Happy 

Saying “check the link in my bio” could make Tik Tok not happy causing them to show your video less… they want to keep people on the platform.

*About the disappearing link in the Bio on Tik Tok right now; they are running a test to see if by removing the links it will cause users to stay on the platform longer. Not all people are affected by this test but if your link has disappeared it probably means you can not see the links of others either. People who are not affected and part of the test can still see your links even if you can not see them yourself. (This should be done and back to normal in a week, hopefully!)

5) Tik Tok Tip

For users with over 10,000 followers, here is a little hack. If you’re not sure if your video has passed the Tik Tok review, try to copy the link, on the top of the screen it will tell you if it’s public or still being processed. (Only users with over 10k followers get their videos reviewed)

6) Make videos that everyone can understand.

No talking? Yesss. It may seem weird but also seems to work. Some of the most popular Tik Tok users make videos with no words so that any audience can watch them and understand them. This way your content can be understandable for anyone, even people who can’t hear.

7) Edit Captions

You can edit the captions that are automatically put on your videos if they are not correct! Just click edit caption.

*Translated captions for Tik Tok videos should be coming soon for certain languages, they are working on it. This will automatically translate the captions on the videos for the viewer’s location giving a larger audience the chance to understand your content.

I got most of this great info. from Socialty Pro and the Social Media Examiner. Gotta love them, thanks.

I hope this helped and I wish you luck on your journey. We can all reach our goals in life; be positive and vision exactly it is what you want.

Veronica Baljak

Natural Orignals Digital Planet

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