How you can make Extra Money with your Dropshipping Store

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If you can make extra money with your dropshipping store, why not?

This article talks about the reasons why I combined a dropshipping store, affiliate servicing, my own affiliate/membership program, and blog all in one website, how I can promote this website on social media for free, and why I think it is okay and doesn’t need to be hidden from the public; hence this blog article.

*Keep in mind when reading this that we are all in this life together! Helping people succeed is the key to success for yourself and everyone. Most people think you have to hide the fact that you are a dropshipping store or an affiliate marketer. Me, I don’t;  especially if there is a good reason behind it that benefits others and myself. There is no reason to follow advice from others if your common sense says otherwise!

So let’s break this down to the 4 things this website does and see how it works:

1) Dropshipping Store
-Selling web-related things such as phone and computer accessories at a reasonable price to online shoppers for a profit.

2) Affiliate Website Servicing
-An affiliate link added for custom web services from a friend that I know provides exquisite customer experiences and work so I can make a commission off any services bought through my affiliate link and feel confident about it.

3)Free affiliate Program for selling Products

My affiliate/membership program is for people looking to sell products to make money online without having any cost to them.

My Blog is used to bring in website traffic, build up SEO and backlinks and of course affiliate sales by sharing tips and information on various e-commerce businesses and sales techniques I learn along the way.

To me, the nice thing about this site is that there is something for everyone and a way for everyone to help everyone! How nice is that? Like one big family.

So you understand the 4 combined aspects of this site let’s talk about the ways it helps people.

-Product sales provide me and the supplier with a profit and the customer with their product.

-Affiliate web servicing can provide the customer with a great website, custom website work, or all kinds of different sales boosting packages. Here, my friend gets extra business, I make my commission, and the customer gets their great web service and the supplier sells their product. So everyone wins.

-The Affiliate Membership Program for my affiliate partners. The affiliate makes their money and whatever profit is left goes to me. And it allows me and my customers to help many people who want a chance at making money but can’t afford their own business.

-The Blog can bring more traffic to my site and more, and at the same time helps other business owners or people looking to start an online business find various programs and sales techniques to do so.

There are many people in the world and everyone deserves a chance and some help; if you can give it to them and still help yourself, why not?

So how does an online business owner or affiliate partner go about promoting for free? Social Media of course. There are so many social media platforms and people out there using them that it doesn’t make sense not to use if for business as well.

-Post blogs on Tumblr
-Make FB and IG posts
-Put up Reels and Stories
-Post in various relevant Groups
-Tik Tok Videos
-Pin on Pinterest
-Use Linked In
-Tweet on Twitter
-Snap Chat

Email Marketing!!!

-And so many more!

There are endless possibilities for all of us to reach financial freedom! Find the way that is most appealing and interests you and take the time to work on it and make money online while having no money at all to invest.

*Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and make money every time someone clicks their links, just like I will if you click one of my affiliate links and buy something.

Veronica Baljak

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