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So happy that you came to check out our Free Affiliate Program! Welcome.

So, let’s start with what we, Natural Originals, are all about…

We are a team of friends who have come together to help ourselves and all of our affiliates and customers reach their goals of financial freedom, mental stability, physical goals, love, healing, manifesting, imagination, creativity, and happiness; just to improve life for all in general!

We have set up very thought-out websites, to make sure that there is a site that can grab the attention and heart of any type of customer and give our affiliates a variety of choices to choose from.

8 Great Stores with a Free Affiliate Program: ($5.00 commission per product & PayPal payout at $50, cookies tracked 30 days)

1) Natural Originals Style Store (bathing suits, body chains, jewelry, dresses)

Free dropship affiliate program

2) Natural Originals Body and Mind Store (yoga and healing accessories)

Free dropship partner program

3) Natural Originals Sunny Pet Store (Pet and Grooming Supplies AND fun pet clothing!)

Free dropshipping program

4) Natural Originals Baking Magic Store (Big variety of baking molds for Candles, Cakes, Candy, clay, chocolate, resin, ice, and more)

Free dropshipping

5) Natural Originals Baby Store (Handmade cotton baby items, cloth diapers, and accessories)

Dropshipping for free

6) Natural Originals Fairy Magic Store ( Fairy and Magic Home/ Garden Decor and tons of fun Accessories)

Cheap way to dropship

 7) Natural Originals Digital Planet Store (phone and computer accessories)

Cheap dropshipping program

8) Natural Originals Love and Healing Store (Massage items, Healing rocks, and other rock and natural healing Accessories)

Best dropshipping products

When we believe in something and put consistent time and effort into it there is no reason for failure. Any goal can be reached and together we are better.

Just imagine how much more reach we can have with a team of hundreds, thousands, or millions; talk about building a brand up! And that one that has a purpose of wide happiness.

Now let me walk you through how to get started!

 How to sign up and sell products as an Affiliate:

 So I wanna start by just saying if you joined or are going to join our Free Affiliate Program, you are awesome and we are going to work this together and hopefully all just get rich together! Big goals are good; that is what we are all about!


Ok so…

 The process of signing up for the affiliate program:

Step #1) Sign Up (register) and get into your Dashboard 

-Pick the site or sites you like and go to the affiliate section and click sign up or register. (It takes a minute to do it)

 -once you signed up, check your email (check the spam folder if you don’t see it)

 -Now follow the link from the email and log in to your dashboard! (copy the password and paste it, it’s easier)

 Yay, you’re here.

 Step #2) Get your special Link

 You need your link because this is the way we will track which customers come from you. You always need to share everything with your special link and I will show you how to do it in detail.

 -Find your link under the Creatives Tab. It will say “Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID”. This link that you find is your special link; save it and keep it somewhere it is easy to access, you will need it everyday!

 Now let’s talk about how to use an affiliate link:

If you want to just share the link of the entire store that is fine but it’s good to share specific products pages and you will need to add your special link number to every link manually, or generate it in your dashboard. (For me it is easier and faster to manually add it)

Go to a product that you want and copy the link.


2 ways to add your special affiliate tracker to any link:

1st way:

Go to generate a referral link and paste the link you want in the box and hit generate. Now in the box below will be that link with your number added and you are ready to share anywhere you want. (we will talk about how and where to promote after this)

 2nd way:

This is the faster and easier way. Your tracking number is the part after the slash (/) at the end. It starts with a question mark? and ends with a number.


Copy the end part of the main link starting with the question mark? and ending with the number and paste it somewhere in your notes.

Example: ?wpam_id=1

This is what you will add to every single link you use by just pasting it at the end. It’s very easy!

You can now add the website to your home screen and pick any product you want to promote, copy and paste it and add your special part to the end. Done.

You are ready to start working. How exciting! 

If you want, in your phone notes or a document on your computer you can add your link to many products as you want right away so they are all ready for you to just share.

So now let’s talk about some places and ways you can share affiliate links.

 1) All Social Media Platforms

 -Make a FB business page with a cool name and post from it 

-Post in groups or on your own newsfeed

-Start a TikTok and make cool videos 

-Get crazy on IG or YouTube and promote 

 -Try Twitter if you want

-Pin on Pinterest! (We would love to collaborate on Pinterest so if you join let us know and we will add you.)

Social Media is making it easier for us by the day with new features constantly coming out for businesses of all kinds. 

 2) Blogs

Start a blog! Blogging is Awesome! I love it, you are reading one right now! It’s such a great way to express yourself and make money at the same time.

 3) Email Marketing

Extremely effective sales tool! Probably the best. Add your affiliate link in relevant emails. If you don’t have an email campaign, get one set up.

4) Marketplace (we allow commission for the free programs on your own purchases which is necessary for this way of selling)

 5) Messaging

Use whatever type of messaging you want.


There are endless possibilities for selling on the internet these days, find a way you that you enjoy and stick with it! 

Financial Freedom is a choice; believe it, see it, manifest it; it can be your reality.

Thanks for reading and we are truly looking forward to growing the team.

Veronica Baljak

Natural Originals Crew 

Natural originals affiliate program

Drop shipping girls


Natural Originals Besplatni Partnerski Program

Tako smo sretni što ste došli posjetiti naš Besplatni partnerski program.

Objašnjenje i upute se nalaze u nastavku.

Dakle, počnimo s onim što je zapravo Natural Originals i tko se skriva u pozadini ovog brenda.

Mi smo tim prijatelja koji se okupio kako bi pomogao sebi, svojim partnerima i klijentima u postizanju svojih ciljeva financijske slobode, mentalne stabilnosti, fizičkih ciljeva, ljubavi, iscjeljivanja, manifestiranja, vizualizacije, kreativnosti i sreće te kako bi poboljšali život na svim područjima.
Postavili smo vrlo promišljene web stranice kako bi bili sigurni da stranica može privući pažnju i zanimanje kupca i ponuditi našim partnerima raznolikost izbora.

Naša glavna stranica prikazuje sve stranice koje imamo zasada. Budite slobodni pogledati sve naše stranice, također u nastavku će biti prikazane stranice s kratkim opisom, slikama te poveznicom za prijavu za besplatni program. (U slučaju da ne dobijete e-mail s potvrdom, svakako pogledajte neželjenu poštu.)

U nastavku ću vam pokazati 5 dropshipping web stranicama s besplatnim partnerskim programom (5,00 USD provizije po proizvodu i PayPal isplata od 50 USD, kolačići praćeni 30 dana)

1. Natural Originals Style Store (kupaći kostimi, lančići za tijelo, nakit, haljine)

Free dropship affiliate program

2. Natural Originals Body and Mind Store (joga i predmeti za iscjeljivanje)

Free dropship partner program

3. Natural Originals Sunny Pet Store (potrebni pribor za njegu i uljepšavanje ljubimaca i smiješna odjeća za kućne ljubimce)

Free dropshipping program

Store Affiliates

4. Natural Originals Baking Magic Store (veliki izbor kalupa za izradu svijeća, torti, slatkiša, gline, čokolade, smole i ostalog)

Free dropshipping


5. „Natural Originals Baby Store“ (ručno izrađene pamučne stvari za bebe, platnene pelene i ostale potrepštine)

Dropshipping for free


6. Natural Originals Fairy Magic Store (magična i čarobna dekoracija za kuću/vrt i mnoštvo zabavnih predmeta)

Cheap way to dropship


Store Affiliates

7. Natural Originals Digital Planet Store (dodaci za mobitele i kompjutere)

Cheap dropshipping program


Store Affiliates

8. Natural Originals Love and Healing Store (proizvodi za masaže, ljekovito kamenje i ostale potrepštine)

Best dropshipping products

Store Affiliates

Kada vjerujemo u nešto i konstantno ulažemo svoj trud i vrijeme, nema razloga za neuspjeh. Svaki cilj može biti ostvaren, a zajedno smo u tome bolji.

Samo zamisli koliko doseg možemo imati s timom koji broji stotine, tisuće, milijune; govorim o izgradnji brenda.
I to brenda koji ima svrhu širenja sreće.

Sada mi dopustite da vam pokažem kako započeti.

Kako se prijaviti i prodavati prozvode kao partner:

Za početak, želim vam reći ukoliko ste se već pridružili ili se tek planirate pridružiti našem Besplatnom partnerskom programu, vi ste sjajni i ovo ćemo raditi zajedno i nadajmo se da ćemo se i zajedno obogatiti.
Veliki ciljevi su dobri i poželjni, a to je ono što mi želimo.
Pa krenimo…

Postupak prijave za partnerski program je sljedeći:

Korak #1 Prijavite se (registrirajte) i uđite u svoju nadzornu ploču
• Odaberite stranicu ili stranice koje vam se sviđaju i idite na odjeljak za partnere i kliknite na prijavu/ registraciju (potrebna je 1 minuta)
• Nakon što se prijavljeni, provjerite svoju e-poštu (provjerite neželjenu poštu)
• Sada slijedite vezu koju ste dobili putem e-maila i prijavite se na svojoj nadzornoj ploči (kopirajte i zalijepite lozinku, lakše je!)

Yay, tu si!

Korak #2 Preuzmi svoju posebnu vezu/ link
• Svaki partner ima svoju poveznicu kako bi se moglo pratiti koji kupci dolaze od kojeg partnera. Sve što se dijeli, mora sadržavati ovaj poseban poveznicu, a ja ću ti pokazati sve do detalja.
• Pronađite svoju vezu u „Creatives Tab“, pisat će “Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID“. Ovu poveznicu koju ste pronašli je poveznica koja će vam trebati svaki dan, stoga ga spremite i čuvajte.

Sad ću vam pokazati kako koristiti poveznicu:

Ukoliko želite dijeliti poveznicu cijele stranice, to je ok, ali je dobro dijeliti i specifične proizvode. Kada krenete dijeliti poveznicu potrebno je ručno dodati svoj poseban broj poveznice ili ga generirati na nadzornoj ploči. (Za mene je lakše i brže ručno ga dodati.)
Idete na proizvod koji želite i kopirajte vezu.

Postoje 2 načina na koja možete dodati svoju posebnu poveznicu za praćenje:

Idite na generiranje veze za određeni link i zalijepite link koji dobijete u predviđenu kućicu. Sada će u okviru ispod biti spremna poveznica s vašim brojem i spremni ste za dijeljenje gdje god želite (u nastavku ćemo razgovarati o tome gdje i kako promovirati)


Ovo je brži i lakši način. Vaš broj za praćenje se nalazi nakon kose crte
(/) na kraju. Započinje s ? i završava s brojem.

Znači potrebno je kopirati dio nakon ? te ga spremiti u svoje bilješke. To bi izgledalo ovako:

Primjer: ?wpam_id=1

To je ono što će te dodati svakoj poveznici na kraju. Vrlo je lagano!
Sada možete dodati web mjesto na vaš zaslon i odabrati bilo koji proizvod koji želite promovirati, kopirajte i zalijepite u svoje bilješke te dodajte svoju posebnu poveznicu.
Spremni ste za početak rada! Kako uzbudljivo!

U svojim bilješkama na mobitelu ili na laptopu možete postaviti svoj link za koliko god želite proizvoda kako bi vam oni bili spremni za dijeljenje.

Ovdje ću vam nešto više napisati o mjestima i načinima putem kojih možete dijeliti ove veze:

1) Društvene mreže

• Napravite facebook poslovnu grupu sa zanimljivim imenom i objavljujte s nje
• Objavljujte u različite grupe ili na svojoj vlastitoj stranici
• Započnite Tik Tok i objavljujte zanimljive video zapise (imam odličan članak na blogu vezan za izradu video zapisa)
• Objavljuj na Instagramu ili Youtubu
• Probajte Twitter ako želite
• Isprobajte Pinterest (zainteresirani smo za suradnju putem Pinteresta, ukoliko ste voljni javite se)

Društvene mreže olakšavaju promoviranje s različitim poslovnim značajkama i alatima.
2) Blogovi

Pokrenite blog! Ili počnite dodavati pridružene veze u svoje blogove. Bloganje je sjajno! Volim to i radim to upravo. Odličan je način za izraziti sebe, svoje misli i ideje i u isto vrijeme zaraditi novac.

3) Marketing putem e-pošte

Izuzetno učinkovit alat za prodaju. Vjerojatno najbolji! Dodajte svoju pridruženu vezu u poruke elektroničke pošte. Ukoliko nemate kampanju putem e-pošte, postavite ju .

4) Marketplace (dopuštamo proviziju za besplatne programe na vlastitu kupnju koja je neophodna za ovaj način prodaje)

5) Poruke

Možete koristiti bilo koji oblik poruke koji vam odgovara.


Danas postoji toliko mogućnosti za prodaju na internetu. Samo je potrebno pronaći način koji vam najviše odgovara, u kojem uživate i držati se njega.
Financijska sloboda je izbor, vjeruj u to, pogledaj, vizualiziraj, to može biti tvoja realnost.
Hvala vam na čitanju i stvarno se veselimo širenju tima.

Veronica Baljak i Karla Brozic
Natural Originals Crew

Natural originals affiliate program

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