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Here is a simple explanation of dropshipping and questions most wonder before starting.

It seems like more and more people are jumping into dropshipping, e-commerce, and online businesses and that’s because it just makes good sense! From cutting business costs like rent and inventory to having a huge online customer base that you access from anywhere including your own home, online businesses are booming, and dropshipping stores are among the top choices for people every day.

Once you break down the process of dropshipping and start to learn and understand all the aspects of what dropshipping is and what it’s like to run your own dropshipping store, you will be amazed at how interesting and simple it can be!

Let’s cover some common questions people have before they start their dropshipping journey and touch on some important dropshipping topics.

#1) Can anyone dropship?

Yes, anyone with a phone or computer and a small amount of money can dropship from any location and there is no need for any previous business experience when starting a new dropshipping business.

#2) What exactly is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an online business where products are shipped out from a third party to the customer leaving the online business owner only as a middle man with no need to buy any product until it is purchased by a customer first.

#3) What are some different types of dropshipping?

Standard Dropshipping Stores selling products Globally

Standard Dropshipping Stores selling products in the US only

#4) How long does it take to get a dropshipping business?

It can take anywhere from minutes to months to get a dropshipping business up and running depending on what kind of store you choose.

#5) What are some examples of different kinds of dropshipping stores?

Some examples of different kinds of drop shipping stores are custom dropshipping stores, premium dropshipping stores, and print-on-demand dropshipping stores.

#6) What are some popular places to get fully loaded and functioning dropshipping stores?

Some popular companies to buy drop shipping stores from are AliDropship and Sellvia. Stores bought from these companies leave you with a fully functioning e-commerce business.

There are many compaines to go with but I personally use these in combination.

If you use Alidropship, you will use suppliers from Aliexpress, if you use Sellvia, they will be your supplier. Sellvia is US only with fast shipping and located in California.

#7) How much does a dropshipping store cost?

A dropshipping store can cost anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars depending on what kind of store and additional sales tools you decide to add.

#8) Can you build a brand with a dropshipping store?

Building a dropshipping brand is more than possible with the correct suppliers, products, and audience and many people are taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness of building their own dropshipping brand.

#9) Is dropshipping easy?

Dropshipping can be easy if you have the right website set up with speed, SEO, sales tools, and Advertising, and are using social media to build up an online presence.

#10) Where can I promote a dropshipping store?

You can promote a dropshipping store on any social media platforms, search engines, by email, messages, marketplaces, or even newspapers; the possibilities can seem endless.

#11) What top things should I do to get sales on my drop shipping stores and why?

-Have your website set up by a professional

-Make sure your Website has good speed

-Make sure your SEO, Search Engine Optimization is done correctly

-Get your Social Media Set-Up and invest in
automatic posting to keep your online presence rolling

-Set up an email campaign to retarget customers and keep any subscribers engaged

-Run Ads on Google, IG, FB, TikTok, or wherever you find fit

-Blog and build up backlinks to gain traffic

You can read this Blog for more information on how to get potential sales with a drop shipping store.

#12) What will I need to do inside my website once I have my dropshipping store?

Once you have your dropshipping store you will need to hook your store up to google analytics so you can see and check traffic and sales as well as get familiar with the dashboard to make it easier to navigate.

#13) What are some important plug-ins I will need for my dropshipping store?

#1) Google Merchant
#2) Social Rabbit
#3) FB Business
#4) Yoast

There are so many plug-in options to choose from, from gift boxes to wishlists and more, but remember that too many plug-ins can slow your website down so you should choose wisely.

#14) What is the yearly cost of having a dropshipping store?

The yearly cost of a dropshipping store can vary from just a website hosting fee of about $50 a year to more depending on the type of supplier you decide on. You can always switch to a different hosting later on that may be cheaper of fit your needs better.

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