Utilizing Linkedin for your Online Business

Linked in for sales

How to Use LinkedIn to Increase Sales for Your Online Business

Typically, LinkedIn is referred to as a “professional social network.” However, LinkedIn is more of a professional networking platform for facilitating business contacts, customers, resume sharing, and job listings. Despite LinkedIn’s popularity, many people are still unaware of its uses or how it might benefit them.

LinkedIn, a business-focused social media platform with over 500 million users, is an effective tool to increase sales for your online business. It is a forum where business people can establish trust that may lead to future business prospects.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn When There Are Business-Oriented Platforms Available to Increase Sales for Your Online Business?

You would never have asked if you had known that LinkedIn is used by around 25% of adults who are active online. Compared to other social networks, LinkedIn has more users over 30, who are more likely to be in senior positions and decision-making positions.

Any company that sells a product or service to this market segment should use the power of the LinkedIn platform to help increase sales of its online business. It is therefore understandable why LinkedIn is the preferred business-oriented networking platform.

Moving further, the question of how to use LinkedIn to promote sales for your online business arises.

How can I Use LinkedIn to Increase Sales for my Online Business?

Step #1) Optimize your Personal Profile.

*This can help to increase sales for an Online Business

Step #2) Create a Captivating Headline.

*Describe in short how you can help your potential client

Step #3) Use a Professional Profile Picture.

* Try to make a solid first impression since it will serve as your business card. Use a picture with a high resolution displaying an attitude that suits your brand.

Step #4) Use Your “About” Section to Its Full Potential.

* The “About” area is a terrific place to highlight what sets you apart from others who are also using this platform to promote their online company sales; explain how you are unique by displaying your primary abilities and your desire to add value.

Step #5) List Your Titles and Awards.

* Use LinkedIn’s “Accomplishments” section, to showcase titles and awards you’ve received and other credentials you’ve attained. Surely, the clients will not hesitate to approach you if they are aware of your achievements.

Step #6) Include Your Contact Details.

* A complete list of email addresses, phone numbers, and corporate websites should be included in the contact information.

Step #7) Create Your Company Page On LinkedIn!

Your company page works as the “home page” of the interface of your website. A well-optimized LinkedIn Company Page helps promote your products to customers, thereby increasing brand awareness and sales for your online business as well.

What are important things to add to a Linkedin Business Page?

#1) Company Logo

#2) Company Description

#3) Company size

#4) Industry

#5) Business Type

#6) Website URL

#7) Location

To promote your online business sales on LinkedIn, you must ensure that you have covered all the bases. In today’s digitally driven world, the optimal use of LinkedIn will help you attract new clients, increase business sales, and boost brand awareness.

Now let’s talk about how to use LinkedIn to Increase Sales of Your Online Business…

#1) Private Messaging

Without a doubt, a private messaging service is a great way to jump in and offer your product or service. To begin with, approach and contact like-minded individuals in your sector. Listen carefully to them and ask them questions to establish trust and a good relationship.

Show your experience and previous successes in the field while communicating with clients. Consider their level of interest in a possible relationship. If you do not receive an answer, please be patient. It could take some time for a response. Also, don’t ignore them and make yourself available when they approach you.

#2) Make Your Content More Digestible

To promote your online business, try to create content that people can easily digest, compelling them to read it. Short, concise, clear, and amusing content will undoubtedly entice readers to succeed at online business promotion.

-Keep The Content Short and Simple.

-Do not lengthen the paragraph for more than 3-5 sentences by using direct and concise language, enticing clients to take an interest in your online business.

#3) Use captivating Headlines.

By including engaging headlines in the content, you can influence the readers’ intentions.

#4) Video Clips.

Professional Online videos are overtaking content marketing and are assisting in promoting sales of your online business.

#5) Sharing Content Consistently

Consistently sharing information with your audience keeps them engaged and coming back for more.

#6) Utilize Groups to Promote Sales of Your Online Business.

LinkedIn is a great platform to promote the sales of your business, but most of its users are not leveraging it properly. One of LinkedIn’s best features for promoting business sales is LinkedIn Groups. It is essentially an online community where you can connect with similar companies and other experts.

How can you utilize Linkedin groups for more sales?

Find or make Groups:

The LinkedIn platform provides suggestions not just in “Groups,” but also in various other categories such as companies, skills, etc. You can use your keyword to restrict your search and find a group that best meets your requirements and provides assistance with ease to promote your online business or make one yourself.

Step #1) Find Groups and Engage Group Members.

Get yourself involved with group members by fixing their problems, offering advice, and sharing your previous experience for their benefit to engage them in your business. It is an excellent method for keeping group members within reach.

Step #2) Encourage Discussion.

A question and answer session is also a good way to keep the members of the group active and intact. Start conversations about current events, especially those that are relevant to your niche.

Step #3) Avoid Spamming.

Avoid publishing spammy links in the group and instead attempt to share only relevant things.

Step #4) Create Your Own LinkedIn Groups to Increase The Sales Of Your Business.

You can also create groups on LinkedIn to promote your online business if you are unable to find the groups you’re looking for. It will enable you to distinguish yourself as a leader in your field and offer you the opportunity to consider what other people may think of your ideas.

Bottom Line

With so many updates on the horizon for LinkedIn, you can watch how the network continues to establish itself as an essential resource and platform for increasing online sales for your business. Using the LinkedIn features listed above, you can potentially increase your business’s sales by building a strong network of professional relationships. It is up to you to figure out how you will use these features to increase your business sales.

Try out one of these effective strategies for increasing your company’s sales on LinkedIn.

Written by: Muhammad Azhar Nafees

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