What do you do with YouTube Snippets?

You Tube Video Snippet

The first question you may be asking is:

What is a YouTube Snippet?

A YouTube Snippet is a cut of a YouTube video that can be used in various ways to engage viewers to start watching or to pinpoint a specific part of a video.

Sometimes it’s hard to share a long video or to get an audience to watch one. A good way to get them to start viewing is to interest them by giving them a small taste causing them to want more.

When can you make a YouTube Snippet?

If you make a YouTube video that is at least 2 minutes long you can cut a piece of that video and make a snippet up to 60 seconds long. (you will see the scissors under the video if you are eligible)

What do you do with a YouTube Snippet?

You can share a YouTube Snippet on your social media profile or page, on your Website, or through email. The Snippet has the original video link and can automatically bring viewers back to your full YouTube Video.

Where do you share YouTube Snippets?

1) Facebook
-To share your YouTube Snippet on FB you can just copy and paste the link on your profile, page, or group or share it directly from the YouTube share option.

2) Twitter
– To share your YouTube Snippet on Twitter you can also just copy and paste the link or share directly from YouTube

3) Linked In
– To share your YouTube Snippet on Linked In you can share it directly to your profile from YouTube but not onto a business page, but you can copy and paste the link to either manually.

4) Instagram
-To share your YouTube Snippet on Instagram the easiest way is to snapshot the video and add the link to the video clip.

5) Email Marketing
-Sharing clips through an email marketing campaign can be as effective for getting views as for sales.

6) Your Website
-Embedding them onto your website using the embed code from YouTube leading your website visitors to your YouTube Channel.

Extra Tips:

-You can use a snippet to help answer a specific question in your YouTube Channel comments.

-If you are a non-private you tuber with videos 2 minutes or longer anyone can snip your videos unless you opt-out.

-You can block individual YouTube users and certain words from being used in a YouTube Snippet generated from your videos.

-Always add a good video description along with the title and tags. Optimizing video descriptions for YouTube can make you rank higher in the search.

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