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Instagram news 2022

Firstly Keep in mind, especially when cross-posting:

For IG Reels, the video must be no longer than 90 seconds long, and for FB Reels, no longer than 60 seconds long.

Now let’s talk about what’s new…

New Reel feature:

If you are not already seeing this on your page, soon you will be able to put a category on a reel. This is great if you are someone who posts content about a lot of different topics. In this case, you confuse IG on where you belong and where to show your content. You will be able to organize your content in some way by category and show IG exactly what audience should be seeing these specific reels by proving them with a category that will work something like a #.

-200 million businesses use IG right now!
-200 billion people use IG right now!

That’s enough of a reason we all need to be using IG to it’s full potential.

If you are scared of reels, you can still grow with static and carousel posts. These get more comments but the people seeing them are your people already but with Reels, there are also people who know nothing about you seeing them. So it makes sense if you have more engagement on your feed posts than reels. Don’t be discouraged! Stay focused and be intentional with the content and the message but don’t worry if a lot of people don’t interact. People are just more used to commenting on posts rather than reels.

Reels have reach far beyond static and carousel posts and you can grow your audience must faster!

Besides this…

There will be a new re-share feature where you can share your own and someone else’s content directly to your feed in addition to your stories. You can pretty much caption to say share and now all your people who follow you can easily share it if they want and you can do this as well with anything you find relevant to your business.


QR Codes can have text on them so people know exactly what it is! You can share these even with a printout for a live event so it’s nice and easy for people to find you, and the text lets them know right away what the QR Code is for.

-On desktop, you can just add QR to the end of the URL on the top to get yoir code.

Let’s not forget!

People will be able to pay directly in the messaging app without having to go off if FB.

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