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Once again, The Social Media Examiner has inspired me to re-cap their great Social Media News and share it with you guys!

Let’s talk YouTube, again!

Videos are hot. We all watch them, some of us make them, and most importantly we need them to make money.

Where is the best place to make money with videos?

Umm…YouTube, obviously. Luckily they keep coming out with new ways for all of us business owners to increase our video performance and in turn increase our sales; we all know the power of digital marketing.

What’s some new stuff YouTube has or is rolling out?

#1) In YouTube Advanced Analytics, now businesses can see if their viewers are new or old to know what is working to attract new people to the YouTube channel.

#2) They are starting to show analytics for shorts and remixes to let you know how many people remixed your videos and where so you know if the remix is doing really well you can replicate it for yourself.

*Remember you can turn off the remix feature so others can not use your videos for remixes.

#3) Longs and Shorts will now start being correlated unlike before when if people were watching your shorts they wouldn’t necessarily be seeing your longs in their feed, but now they will start to see them as well.

#4) Now you can make a short from a long video directly on the YouTube App. instead of making it separately, and the link to the long will automatically be shared along with the short allowing people previewing the video to be able to see it was just a short and hopefully go watch the long, leading to longer views and more subscribers.

#5) Comment stickers are coming for shorts! So you will be able to use stickers on your videos to ask for comments or feature comments on your shorts to have people interact more.

#6) New video editing tools are coming to make it easier to trim videos as well as for formatting the description using bold headers, metallic text, and such.

#7) The Merchandise Tab on YouTube will now be called Shopping and we are hoping that courses, services, and digital products will be able to be sold besides actual merchandise!

#8) Tagging products is being tested and this feature will allow you to tag other people’s products in videos which is great for affiliate marketing and sales.

*No restrictions are being seen as of right now.

#9) In YouTube Places, you can now tag a place that is a business, which is great for retailers with a location who has their info on Google Maps which is taken from Google Business.

Having good videos and utilizing everything that is given to us by YouTube is a must in the world today with so many online businesses.

For more information on how to use YouTube to its fullest potential, read our previous YouTube Blog.

Hope you got some useful information out of this Natural Originals Digital Planet Blog and put it to good use!

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Veronica Baljak

You Tube Tips

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